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13th Anniversary 2022 十三週年感謝優惠
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Christmas Party 2022 聖誕歡樂派對
Posted on November 11, 2022

Back to School 2022 新學年優惠
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Exam-Prep Intensive Courses 2022 短期備試精讀課程
Posted on June 01, 2022

Early Summer Online School 2022 暑期線上學堂課程
Posted on March 01, 2022

12th Anniversary 2021 十二週年感謝優惠
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Christmas Workshops 2021 聖誕新年課程
Posted on November 18, 2021

Back to School 2021 新學年優惠
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Summer Course 2021 暑期課程
Posted on May 13, 2021

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂
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2021 Free Red Packets 免費換取牛年利是封
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11th Anniversary 2020 週年感謝祭
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Summer Course Info Day 2020 暑期課程資詢日
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Summer Courses 2020 暑期課程
Posted on May 27, 2020

Dr. Dino Booster Offer 抗炎學費減免優惠
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March 2020 Monthly Treasure 三月升級優惠
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Interactive Online Class 互動線上學習
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February 2020 Monthly Treasure 二月特別優惠
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Special Notice - Further measures to prevent and control influenza 有關流感防控措施
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Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂
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2020 Dina Mama Club 媽媽會
Posted on December 15, 2019

2019 December Treasure 十二月精選優惠
Posted on December 06, 2019

Referral Offer 介紹人優惠
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Christmas Party 2019 聖誕歡樂派對
Posted on November 15, 2019

Special Notice 特別通知
Posted on November 13, 2019

2019 Christmas & CNY Workshops 聖誕新年工作坊
Posted on November 06, 2019

2019 November Treasure 十一月精選優惠
Posted on November 04, 2019

Phonics Workshop 2019 家長拼音講座
Posted on October 29, 2019

August Referral Bonus 2019
Posted on August 01, 2019

Summer Courses 2019 暑期課程
Posted on April 08, 2019

2019 Summer Course is Coming Soon 暑期課程即將開始
Posted on April 01, 2019

Explorers Easter Celebrations 復活節獵蛋尋兔活動 2019
Posted on March 14, 2019

10th Anniversary Celebrations 十週年感謝慶典
Posted on March 07, 2019

It's been 10 years! 
Explorer Island啟智島今年10歲啦!

We are very grateful to have spent the last wonderful decade with our little ones. To thank for all the support and trust in the neighbourhood, we have designed a series of different promotions for all our valuable customers that we have served, various campaigns run from 7th Mar all the way to 29th Apr, 2019, for more details please check out our website or call 31608930 or Whatsapp 69200629, our Client Servicing Team would be more than happy to assist you. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

為慶祝呢個日子,我們推出了一共十個回贈優惠,以感謝各位家長一直以來嘅支持同信任,優惠期由201937日至201942917:30止(個別優惠除外),無論舊新、新生都可以享受優惠 (優惠受條款及細則約束)

<Events Details 活動詳情>

2019 CNY Bilingual Day Camp 新春英普趣味工作坊
Posted on January 22, 2019

<Timetable Download 按此參閱時間表>
<Leaflet Download 按此參閱宣傳單張>

Special Offers 額外優惠:
凡於2019年1月26日前報<Festive Programmes 2019農曆新年課程>指定金額可享9折早報優惠!
*優惠受條款約束 T&C apply


Winter Festive Fiesta 2018 冬季聯歡活動
Posted on November 20, 2018

Save the dates! Save the dates! ! We are hosting a series of celebratory events and classes! Spots are limited, so sign up and experience the festive spirit before it’s too late! Enjoy 10% early bird discounts on or before 30/11! 

<Events Details 活動詳情>

1. Christmas Party 2018
聖誕大派對: 129(星期日) 

  • Activities派對活動包括 :
  • Christmas Lucky Draw 聖誕大抽獎
  • Snowman Clay Craft 聖誕雪人黏土製作
  • Gingerbread Man Cookie Making 薑餅人小食製作
  • Story Telling & Group Games 聖誕故事及遊戲

2. Festive Programmes
聖誕新年課程: 1217日至1228

  • X’mas Special PlayGroups聖誕特備遊戲小組班 (12-36months個月)
  • X’mas Explorers Fun 聖誕小日學 (For適合K1-K3) 
  • Festive StoryLand 小小節日故事樂園 (For適合K1-K3)
  • Christmas Cooking / Craft Fun 聖誕烹飪/手工創意課程 (Aged 3-6)

3. 2018 Explorer Winter Gala - Study Trip
啟智島冬季戶外學習慶典: 1231 (除夕星期一)

A special outdoor tournament of fun and games for K1-K3 students to get through New Year's eve with our NETs! 一個專為幼稚園生而設的另類戶外學習體驗, 我們的外籍導師將帶領你的小朋友度過一個不一樣的除夕!

Highlights 焦點:

Training / Focus 訓練:

ü Physical Exercises 

ü Group Activities 

ü Tournament Games 

ü Slogan Design  

ü Problem Solving 

ü The importance of team spirit 

ü Winning & Runner ups Social Skills

ü Language 語言溝通

Special Offers 額外優惠: 
凡報滿<Festive Programmes 2018聖誕新年課程>指定金額可享低至85折優惠!

與新朋友一同參加<Christmas Party 2018聖誕大派對> 可享低至85折優惠! 
介紹新朋友參加任何< Winter Festive Fiesta 2018 冬季聯歡活動> 滿指定金額均可以半價參加 2018 Explorer Winter Gala - Study Trip 啟智島冬季戶外學習慶典!


For more details, please call 31608930 or Whatsapp 69200629 now!


2018 Ready 4 School Promotion 新學年早報優惠
Posted on August 13, 2018

2018 -2019 (Term 1) Nursery Tentative Schedule (Target for aged 8-30mths)
學期一學前課程(暫定)時間表 適合8到30個月之幼兒 

2018 -2019 (Term 1) K1 - K3 Tentative Schedule (Target for aged 3-6)
學期一幼兒課程(暫定)時間表 適合3到6歲之幼稚園生

2018 -2019 (Term 1) P1 - P6 Tentative Schedule (Target for aged 6-12)
學期一小學課程(暫定)時間表 適合6到12歲之小學生

2018 Summer Referral Award 夏日升級推薦優惠
Posted on August 10, 2018

2018 Summer Offers 暑期課程優惠
Posted on May 05, 2018

2018 Summer Courses 暑期課程

暑期課程低至72學費減免高達$1,200帶朋友仔一齊黎同時共享$500學費減免(不設次數上限,多帶多減!) 另可獲贈高達$500新學年學卷!

Date日期: 9/7/2018 - 31/8/2018 為期7個星期
適合: 8個月大到12 (8mths - 12 years-old)

Course Categories 課程種類
A) Summer Thematic Courses 暑期主題學習班 (以年級分班,單性報讀)
B) Summer Intensive Courses 暑期精讀課程 (以能力分班, 3-6個星期內完成)




For more details, please call 31608930 or Whatsapp 69200629 now!

2018 Children's Day Promotion 兒童節慶典
Posted on April 13, 2018

9th Anniversary Thankful Promotion 九週年慶典
Posted on March 05, 2018


2017 Christmas & New Year Workshops 聖誕新年工作坊
Posted on December 01, 2017

<Leaflet Download> <Timetable Download>

Christmas is around the corner. Explorer Island has prepared a series of fun workshops for 3-9 year olds! From thematic creative learning for kinders all the way to writing workshops for primary! 
Come & have fun with us iby enriching your little ones through muiltiple learning experiences this Christmas! 
Join on or before 9/12 to enjoy up to 30% off, bring your friends together get an extra cash discount up to $400!

Period: 2017/12/19 to 2018/1/5 (Weekdays)
Age Groups: K1-K3 & P1-P3
1) Christmas English / Mandarin Explorers (K1-K3)

A series of fun workshops engage with stories, songs, games & laughters to boost kinders' language skills! 

2) Winter Wonder Adventurers (P1-P3)

A series of language workshops designed for primary students with interesting festive topics including writing letters to Santa, learning how send out parcels oversea, designing a Christmas comic strips and many more!

3) Creative Projects - Cooking, Science, Arts & Crafts! (K1-P3)

Our all-time-favourite short courses, young learners get to be creative, projects including making Stained Glass Cookies, creating a snow globe & learning about density by doing experienments! 

Don't miss out an amazing Christmas with us, call 31608930 now for more information!

Best regards,

Explorer Island

2017 Christmas Party 聖誕大派對
Posted on November 30, 2017

Save the date! You are invited to Explorer Island Christmas party. Come and have of fun with our Santa Claus!!!
Limited seats, call us to reserve a seat now!

又到聖誕, 又到聖誕!Explorer Island 啟智島邀請你同你既好朋友齊齊黎參加一年一度既萬眾期待既聖誕派對, 歡度聖誕。

Date 日期:           2017/12/17 (Sunday 星期日)
Time 時間:             10am - 12.30pm / 2.30pm - 5pm

Age 年齡:             3-10 years old

Language 語言: Multilingual (英語 / 普通話 / 廣東話

活動包括 Activities:

·      Christmas Lucky Draw 聖誕大抽獎
·      Christmas Tree Clay Craft 聖誕樹黏土製作
·      Rudolph Pops Making 紅鼻馴鹿小食製作
·      Story Telling & Group Games 聖誕故事及競技遊戲
·      and lots of fun!

Fee 費用: 每人$300 per head
<二人同行可享9 | 三人行可享85 | 四人或更多可享8>

2017 Ready 4 School Promotion 新學年優惠
Posted on September 19, 2017

 2017 Ready 4 School Promotion


Explorer Island已經進駐將軍澳區8年啦!

2017 Summer Courses 暑期課程現已接受報名
Posted on April 30, 2017
2017 Summer Offers 暑期課程現已接受報名

1) Summer Nursery Packages 
  暑期學前課程組合優惠 (15-30months)
     (Summer nursery Package offer as low as $85 per hour


      Explorer PlayGroup 
   啟智親子英語唱遊班 (15-22months )

      Bilingual Nursery PlaySchool 
   啟智英普學前預備班 (22+months / PN-to-be)

2) Summer Camp Packages 
  暑期學習營組合優惠 ( K1-P6-to-be)
     (Summer camp package offer as low as $297 / day before 13th May


A)    每天兩小時英普組合1節英語課程1節普通話課程

B)    每天三小時英普組合1節英語課程1節普通話課程1節創意英語課程


More Summer Offers 更多暑期優惠:

1.    Early Bird Discounts Up to 15% off before 3rd Jun 

2.    Summer Packages Discounts Up to EXTRA 15% off 

3.    Hot Course Bundle Discounts Up to EXTRA 15% off 

4.    Other Cash Discounts Up to $400 

5.    Free Regular Lessons Offer Up to 8 lessons 

Download Summer Brochure 下載暑期課程小冊子
Download Summer Course Timetable 下載暑期課程時間表 
Download Summer Course Schedule (PN-P6-to-be) 下載暑期課程總表(升PN到小六)

2017 Easter Workshop 復活節工作坊
Posted on March 18, 2017


Science, Cooking, arts & crafts, storytelling with songs, science...enriching your little ones through an EGGs-citing Easter!

ExplorerIsland has prepared a series of fun workshops for 2-8 year olds! The workshops include a range of exciting themed classes with a 3-hr Day Camp Package available, as low as $486 before 31/3!
Limited seats, so don't miss 10% off Early Bird Discount on/before 31/3/2017!

為左令小朋友更加認識復活節,我們將提供不同既復活節活動課程比小朋友參加!課程適合3歲以上既小朋友參加,課程包括:手工制作,小食制作,故事及唱遊,仲有令人期待既復活蛋小小科學實驗,今個復活節既可以開心學習,又可以善用假期,一舉兩得。31/3 或之前報名可享有折早報優惠,三小時日營優惠低至$486,快啲幫你小朋友報名啦!


<Candy Shop> Easter Explorers 復活節糖果屋啟智小日學
     (English & Mandarin 設有英語及普通話班) 
<EGGs-periments復活蛋實驗> Science Class (English英語班)
<Little Bakers小小甜品師> Cooking Class (English英語班)

報名或預約免費評估,歡迎致電 31608930 與我們聯絡


<三月優惠> 普通話朗誦賽訓練優惠
Posted on March 05, 2017


二人同行 – 每人即減$100
三人同行 – 每人即減$150
四人行 – 每人即減$200

報名或預約免費評估,歡迎致電 31608930與我們聯絡
 Course Schedule 課程時間表 (Click here按此)

Christmas Party 2016 (Age 3-11)
Posted on November 23, 2016

Explorer Island's Party is BACK!
One of the most popular events of the year, Christmas Party 2016, is now open for registration! Come & have an amazing party with us & the Santa!

<Leaflet download here>


Date: 11/12/2016 (Sun)
Time: 10:00am-12:30pm / 2:30pm-5:00pm
Age: 3-11
Ticket: $250 / person

  • Best Dressed Competition 聖誕服裝大賽
  • Christmas Lucky Draw 聖誕大抽獎
  • Santa's Surprises 聖誕老人競技遊戲
  • Gingerbread Man Cookies 薑餅人曲奇製作
Register before 4/12 to enjoy a 10% off!
Bring your friends together, limited seats, call 3160 8930 to make a reservation!


Christmas Intensive Programs 2016 (Aged 3-9)
Posted on November 20, 2016
Christmas Intensive Programs 2016 

Christmas is around the corner. Explorer Island has prepared a series of fun workshops for 3-9 year olds! From thematic creative learning for kinders all the way to writing workshops for primary! Come & have fun with us iby enriching your little ones through muiltiple learning experiences this Christmas!

<Leaflet Download>

Special Offers for Christmas Intensive  Programs 2016

1) 10%Off Early Bird Discount - Enrol now to enjoy special 10% off before 4/12!
2) Twins Discount - Sibling or friend enrols concurrently enjoys $100 Cash Discount!
3) 5%Off Bundle Discount - Enrol in 2 courses enjoys 5% off!
4) Free 2016 X'mas Party Ticket upon net purchase $2,999! (net worth $250) 

Don't miss out an amazing Christmas with us, call 31608930 now for more information!

Best regardss,

Explorer Island

2016-2017 Regular Courses are now open for enrolment 恆常課程現已接受報名
Posted on September 06, 2016

Regular Courses Registration is Now Open 

2016-2017 恆常課程現已接受報名

<Download Brochure 下載章程> <Facebook>
Here we come, a new school year! A series of "Back-to-School" promotions is now released till 30/9! Call us to book a FREE assessment now!

啟智島語文藝術中心(Explorer Island) 現推出 一系列 Back-to-School 開學課程優惠,即日起至2016年9月30日起報讀指定課程可享精選優惠,快啲打黎 31608930 預約免費評估,一齊準備迎接輕輕鬆鬆迎接學期挑戰吧!

Promotion #1: Regular Course Offers 恆常課程優惠
  1. New Students enjoy 15%OFF for all regular courses 報讀恆常課程新生可享85折
  2. $330 1+1 Regular English & Mandarin Package Promotion 恆常英普課程1+1組合優惠低至 $330(Original 原價$420)
  3. Free Mandarin Class X 4 for net purchase upon $2,999 報讀任何恆常課程滿$2,999可免費獲贈四堂普通話恆常課程(Max. worth價值高達$720)

Please call 3160 8930 for registration and free assessment
預約免費評估及報名,歡迎致電 31608930 與我們聯絡

2016 Summer Program
Posted on May 26, 2016
  Explorer Island 2016 暑期課程現已接受報名

又來到一年一度讓人期待的暑假!今年EXPLORER ISLAND將帶領你的孩子去參加狂歡刺激的嘉年華會,過一個充滿驚喜的暑假!我們為112歲的學生設計了一系列多元化又富趣味性的暑期課程,以啟發兒童的多元智能,剌激他們的想像力和創造力。


當然不少得我們的熱門課程,當中包括聖三一英語水平測試課程 (Trinity GESE)暑期法文 (French)、英語拼音精讀課程 (Letterland Phonics)、普通話朗誦課程 、普通話拼音課程以及 KPCC普通話水平測試備試課程;每年最受歡迎的暑期英語話劇課程Summer English Drama Fun ,讓學童透過遊戲及合作,增強自信,建立表演技巧!更不能錯過的是資優博士課程 - Think Impact Program是一個啟發學童智能的IQ課程,專為小學生而設,提升學童的創意思維,Think out of the box!



 >> 詳細資料    

詳情請向我們的客戶服務員聯絡(電話:3160 8930)

Posted on November 10, 2015

誕老人將會黎EXPLORER ISLAND 大派禮物,仲唔快啲黎報名

日期: 27/12/2015 (SUN 星期日)

時間: 2:00pm – 4:30pm


見見聖誕老人 Meet the Santa
聖誕裝飾小手工 Christmas Arts & Crafts 
趣味聖誕小食制作 X'mas Snack-making 
遊戲競技 X'mas Challenges 
聖誕禮物大抽獎 Christmas Gifts Lucky Draw 

費用: $220/ (以上費用已包括所有材料及茶點)


為令小朋友更加認識聖誕節,Explorer Island 將提供不同既聖誕節課程比小朋友參加,既可以開心學習,又可以善用假,一舉兩得,快啲幫你小朋友報名啦!
日期: 22/12/2015 – 31/12/2015
組別:  K1 - K3
Santa Clause Workshops
聖誕老人工作坊 (3-5)
Dates: 21/12/2015 – 31/12/2015 | Time: 10:00 – 12:30| Class Ratio: 1: 8 | Language: English &

Library Excursion
遊覽圖書館 (3-5)
Dates: 22/12/2015(M) & 29/12/2015(E) | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Ratio: 1:4 | Language: English & Mandarin 

Santa’s Cooking Trip 
與聖誕老人制作聖誕大餐 (3-5
Dates: 24/12/2015 & 30/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Size: 1:4 | Language: English

Santa’s Trip to Toys R Us
聖誕老人買禮物 (3-5)
Dates: 22/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Ratio: 1: 4 | Language: English

Christmas Dance Extravaganza
聖誕舞蹈匯演 (3-6)
Dates: 22/12/2015 - 24/12/2015| Time: 17:00 -18:30 | Class Ratio: 1: 8 | Language: Cantonese

Parent & Child Team Bonding
Dates: 28/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 -17:00 | Class Ratio: 1: 10 | Language: Cantonese

 為令小朋友更加認識聖誕節,Explorer Island 將提供不同既聖誕節課程比小朋友參加,既可以開心學習,又可以善用假,一舉兩得,快啲幫你小朋友報名啦!

日期: 22/12/2015 – 31/12/2015
組別:  P1 - P6

Library Excursion
遊覽圖書館  (6 - 11
Dates: 22/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Ratio: 1:4 | Language: Mandarin  

Reindeer Mail
幫忙寄信給聖誕老人(6 - 11)
Dates: 29/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 -17:00 | Class Ratio: 1: 8 | Language: English 

Santa’s Newspaper Workshop
聖誕老人買禮物 (6 - 11)
Dates: 23/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Ratio: 1: 8 | Language: English 

Santa’s Cooking Trip 
與聖誕老人制作聖誕大餐   (6 -11
Dates: 24/12/2015 & 30/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Class Size: 1:4 | Language: English

Parent & Child Team Bonding 
(6 - 11
Dates: 28/12/2015 | Time: 14:00 -17:00 | Class Ratio: 1: 10 | Language: Cantonese


Posted on October 12, 2015

Explorer Playgroup以幼兒全人發展為目標,開發幼兒多元智能中潛能,除肢體,感官訓練,並集中建立幼兒的自信,表達及語言認知能力,實踐專注力,學習分享及作出正面選擇。

Explorer Island Playschool 幼兒學前英普陌預備班集中了解及運用正面方向加以發掘出幼兒更多的特質,而非改變幼兒的性格,啟發孩子學習愛和貢獻,為入讀幼稚園作好準備。

即日起只需到Explorer Island Facebook Fans Page  LIKE & SHARE 並留下閣下的聯絡方法,我們會盡快與你聯絡,為孩子安排一次免費試堂。

2015 Superheroes Halloween Dress-up Party
Posted on October 05, 2015

Halloween Party 詳情如下:

日期:        25 / 10 / 2015 (星期日)


時間:        10:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 16:30 

語言:         英語及普通話

 Halloween Face Painting
 Trick or Treat 

費用:        每位$220  (以上費用已包括所以材料及茶點

查詢及報名請電: (名額有限,先到先得)

Parental visit at the YAKULT factory 親子參觀益力多廠
Posted on June 08, 2015

Parental visit at the YAKULT factory

親 子 參 觀 益 力 多 廠


YAKULT factory tour tickets with any summer hot course purchase!
Free admission on a first come first serve basis. 
Please contact us on 31608930 for more details!


請致電 31608930查詢

2015 Summer Program 暑期課程
Posted on May 11, 2015
Explorer Island 2015 暑期課程現已接受報名

又來到一年一度讓人期待的暑假!今年EXPLORER ISLAND將帶領你的孩子去參加狂歡刺激的嘉年華會,過一個充滿驚喜的暑假!我們為112歲的學生設計了一系列多元化又富趣味性的暑期課程,以啟發兒童的多元智能,剌激他們的想像力和創造力。


當然不少得我們的熱門課程,當中包括聖三一英語水平測試課程 (Trinity GESE)、角色扮演課程 (Role Play)、柔術課程 (Jiujitsu)、英語拼音精讀課程 (Letterland Phonics)、普通話朗誦課程 、普通話拼音課程以及 KPCC普通話水平測試備試課程;每年最受歡迎的暑期英語話劇課程Summer English Drama Fun ,讓學童透過遊戲及合作,增強自信,建立表演技巧!更不能錯過的是資優博士課程 - Think Impact Program是一個啟發學童智能的IQ課程,專為小學生而設,提升學童的創意思維,Think out of the box!



 >> 詳細資料    >>立即報名
詳情請向我們的客戶服務員聯絡(電話:3160 8930)

Easter Bunny Funfun Camp 2015
Posted on March 13, 2015


復活節工作坊將於41289 10日舉行


農曆新年英普工作坊 - 手工製作
Posted on January 30, 2015

農曆新年英普工作坊 - 手工製作







Posted on January 20, 2015



為迎接羊年,EXPLORER ISLAND將舉辦連串賀年活動。




日期:        15 / 2 / 2015 (星期日)


時間:        14:30 - 17:30 

語言:         英語及普通話


費用:        每位$220  (以上費用已包括所材料及茶點




1)           幼兒英普工作坊

日期: 16/02/2015 – 27/02/2015

時間:10:30 – 13:00

2)           小學英普工作坊

日期:17/02/2015 – 27/02/2015

時間:09:30 – 12:00

當然還有一向最受小朋友歡迎的課程,熱門課程為期六日(17/2, 18/2, 23/2, 24/2, 25/2, 26/2

1)           英語話劇班

2)           普通話朗誦課程

3)           普通話我會講故事課程

4)           英語柔術課程




Halloween Party 2014
Posted on October 14, 2014
It's that time of the year again- Come and spend Halloween with us at Explorer Island! Activities include face painting, crazy dress up, games and much more! Call us on 3160 8930 for more details, but hurry as spots are limited!

2014 Summer Program 暑期課程
Posted on May 05, 2014
Explorer Island 2014 暑期課程現已接受報名

今年EXPLORER ISLAND將帶領你的孩子探索尋秘,過一個充滿驚喜的暑假!


      Parachute Camp 幼兒暑期學習營 (Enter K1 / K2-K3)
2)      Helicopter Camp 小一暑期學習營 (EnterP1)
3)      Captain's Camp 暑期小學學習營 (Enter P2-3 / P4-5 / P6-F1)

為配合學生與家長的不同需要,我們的暑期課程亦備有個別英語及普通話課程,提供不同組合及彈性上課時間供選擇。當中包括Summer Little Artist暑期小小藝術家,此課程有別於一般畫班,均由導師們的用心設計,讓學童能夠多接觸不同媒體創作,並不局限於畫作,所有課堂均由外籍導師任教,一邊創作藝術一邊學習趣味英語。

當然不少得我們的熱門課程,當中包括劍橋英語(Cambridge YLE),聖三一英語口語 (Trinity GESE) 以及KPCC普通話水平測試備試課程;每年最受歡迎的莫過於是Summer English Drama Fun 暑期英語話劇課程,讓學童透過遊戲及合作,增強自信,建立表演技巧!去年推出的Think Impact Program是一個啟發學童智能的IQ課程,專為小學生而設,提升學童的創意思維,Think out of the box!


>> 詳細資料       >>立即報名

詳情請向我們的客戶服務員聯絡(電話:3160 8930)

2013 Christmas Programs 聖誕課程
Posted on November 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Party 聖誕大派對
Santa Claus is coming to Explorer Island!

Christmas Party 詳情如下:

日期:        7 / 12 / 2013 (星期日)

時間:        10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:30 

語言:         英語及普通話

節目包括見見聖誕老人 Meet the Santa
聖誕裝飾小手工 Christmas Arts & Crafts 
趣味聖誕小食制作 X'mas Snack-making 
遊戲競技 X'mas Challenges 
聖誕禮物大抽獎 Christmas Gifts Lucky Draw

費用:        每位$200 

查詢及報名請電:31608930 (名額有限,先到先得)

2013 Christmas Programs 聖誕課程
Christmas is round the corner ! 
Bring your kids to Explorer Island, he/she will have a wonderful holiday with us. They will learn more aboutChristmas & New Year, our Christmas programs will be held on 23/12, 24/12, 27/12, 30/12 & 31/12.
聖誕節到了想讓孩子過一個充實開心的假期,就不要錯過我們的聖誕節課程聖誕課程將於1223242730 31舉行


1) Christmas Creative Workshops 聖誕英普創意工作坊  
2) Christmas Little Actors Drama Course 聖誕英語戲劇課程

The workshops include a range of exciting bilingual themed classes and activities such as Magic Cooking (Mandarin) and Fun with English Arts & Crafts. Primary students will create and present their own Christmas stories as well as to engage in different group projects in our bilingual workshops.
Drama course is one of our most popular courses. Our little actors will also perform to parents at the end of the course. A great experience before they start a whole new year! Limited seats, so don't miss it!
 Enjoy your 10% off Early Bird Discount before 7/12. For reservations and enquiries, please call 3160 8930 or come to visit our centre.


Information & Details Download 課程內容及詳情下載

Halloween Party 2013!
Posted on October 02, 2013

新學年第一激,大家熱切期待既<萬聖節神秘派對Halloween Party>開始接受報名啦!除左以往好受小朋友歡迎既遊戲及小食制作,今年邀請左MAKE-UP ARTIST 黎到幫小朋友畫Face Painting添呀!名額有限,快D黎報名啦!


Explorer Island Summer Programs 2013 (暑期課程)
Posted on May 07, 2013

Explorer Island 暑期課程2013,學費最高可達72折優惠!

今年EXPLORER ISLAND將帶領你的孩子探索尋秘,過一個充滿驚喜的暑假!

EXPLORER ISLAND has developed an exciting, fun-filled summer program to take your child onto a journey full of surprises and knowledge, to enhance their linguistic, creative and presentation skills. Our summer program, designed and developed for students from pre-K to P6 age groups, is comprehensive and flexible to suit your child’s summer schedule. Student can enroll to our Day Camps (3h45m) or Workshops (2h30m) , or individual modules such as Drama and Exam Preparation courses. Our eager team is excited to bring a unique and memorable learning experience to your child.

Download Summer Brochure 下載暑期課程小冊子
Download Summer Enrolment Form 下載暑期報名表

For further details, please contact our Client Servicing team (Tel: 3160 8930)
詳情請向我們的客戶服務員聯絡(電話:3160 8930)

2013 Easter-Joy Party Lucky Draw Winners!
Posted on April 06, 2013


Happy Easter!!!

參加<Happy Family>照片選舉,贏取Explorer Island全年學劵!
Posted on April 02, 2013

參加<Happy Family>照片選舉,既可分享家庭的溫馨快樂時光, 更可獲得全年學劵。送出學劵總值超過HK$45,000 。
凡參加選舉或投票, 即可獲Explorer Island免費Monthly Birthday Party Coupon一張, 名額有限, 先到先得!
請Click上圖及<讚好>專頁, 快D 一齊玩啦!
Facebook Fanpage:  www.facebook.com/explorer.island

1) 先"Like/讚好"我地既Facebook Fanpage
2) 參加比賽者請按<參加照片比賽> ,填妥資料,然後上載你既家庭照即可

呢個比賽係以得到最多”留言”為勝出者架,快啲叫你地既朋友仔去呢條Link按<參加投票> http://fb.nw-imedia.com/explorerisland/reg.aspx黎幫你留言打氣啦,參加留言既朋友仔都可以有機會得到獎品架!

2013 Easter-Joy Party 復活節派對
Posted on March 05, 2013

Party 又黎啦!!!
Explorer Island 將於3月24日(星期日)舉行"復活節派對 EASTER-JOY PARTY "!
Facebook Fanpage到留言,又或者打比我地既CLIENT SERVICING TEAM啦!名額有限呀,快啲黎報名啦!
電話: 31608930

Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/explorer.island

2013 復活節課程(適合3到12歲)
Posted on March 05, 2013
為左令小朋友更加認識復活節,Explorer Island 將提供不同既復活節課程比小朋友參加!
課程日期為 28/3(星期四), 2/4(星期二), 3/4(星期三) & 5/4(星期五) ,適合三到十二歲既小朋友參加,既可以開心學習,又可以善用假,一舉兩得,快啲幫你小朋友報名啦!

1) 復活節趣味英語黏土及手工班 (包含 英語故事 及唱遊)
2) 復活節趣味普通話小食制作班 (包含 普通話故事 及唱遊)
3) *K3升小一預備班 (中文,英文及數學)
4) 復活節英語話劇班

1) 小學全方位英語 (包含聽,寫,讀,講)
2) 小學中文閱讀及寫作技巧班
2013 Easter Course Leaflet

有關課程資料請查看:2013 Easter Programs
詳情請致電 31608930 或親臨本中心查詢,名額有限,快啲報名啦。

"春節英普特備課程"(適合Nursery 到 P5)
Posted on January 19, 2013
正所謂「爆竹一聲除舊歲!桃符萬戶迎新春!」,為迎接蛇年既來臨,Explorer Island舉辦了一系列的"春節英普特備課程",適合3到12歲的小朋友參加。由於早前既聖誕節舉行既英語話劇反應熱烈,所以再度加開了一連四日的英語話劇班!適合五至八歲既小朋友參加架!

1) 幼兒英文班 + 新春手工黏土製作 (適合Nursery 到 K3)

2) 幼兒普通話中文班 + 賀年小食製作 (適合Nursery 到 K3)

3) 新春全方位小學英語工作坊(閱讀理解,會話,寫作)(適合 P1 到 P5)

4) 中文閱讀理解技巧班 (普通話教授) (適合 P1 到 P5)

5) 農曆新年英語話劇班(適合五至八歲)

詳情可以瀏覽以下海報 或致電31608930向Client servicing team查詢。

2013 Chinese New Year Party 新春迎蛇大派對
Posted on January 18, 2013

Party 又黎啦!由於早前既聖誕派對反應熱烈,啟智島 將於二月三月(星期日)舉行"新春迎蛇大派對",時間將會係下午既二時半到五時正,名額有限,報名要快呀!

詳情可以至電31608930同我地既Client Servicing Team傾下啦!

2012 Halloween Dress-up Party!
Posted on October 16, 2012

It's gonna be lots of fun.
Don't miss it, call 31608930 for reservations now!

2012 Summer Program - Explore The World !!!
Posted on May 07, 2012

Explorer Island presents 2012 Explore The World Summer Program
Come and explore the world with us, let's travel around and take care of Mother Earth, it's gonna be an adventurous journey. For enquiries, please call 3160-8930 or come visit our centre!
(5% off Early-bird discount before 3rd June)


Easter Fun Course 2012
Posted on March 05, 2012

Easter is coming! 
To celebrate jesus, come and join our fun filled yet educational Easter camp, both camps are tailor-made for K1 - P5 students. Come and have fun with us. Limited seats, call 3160 8930 for reservations!

2011 X'mas Bilingual Party 聖誕雙語派對
Posted on December 06, 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Join our X'mas Bilingual Party to celebrate the festival!
Come & have fun with us!
Limited seats!
Call 3160 8930 for reservations to avoid disappointments!

X'mas & New Year Bilingual Day Camp for Kids aged 3-6!
Posted on November 25, 2011

Bring your kids to Explorer Island, he/ she will have a wonderful holiday with us.
They will learn more about X'mas & New Year,

a great experience before they start a whole new year!
Limited seats, so don't miss it!!
For enquiries, please call
3160 8930 or come to visit our centre.
Call now for reservation!

Secret Halloween Dress up Party @ Explorer Island!
Posted on October 17, 2011

Get ready for our Secret Halloween Dress-up Party!
All our teachers will be here with your kids to celebrate this year Halloween, everyone will have lots of fun in here and learn more about Halloween.

To promote our Fun Fun Sunday Camp, this Halloween party camp (2.5 hrs) only costs $100 per seat, call and book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Fun Fun Sunday Camp
Posted on October 03, 2011

Come and Join our "Fun Fun Sunday Camp", your child will experience a fun-filled journey in learning English with our native speaking teachers!

For more details, please call 3160 8930.

Limited seats, call us to reserve a seat for your kid!

Explorer Island on PreSchool magazine
Posted on September 22, 2011

Good news!
Our Fun with English Art & Craft class was being introduced by the PreSchool magazine,one of the most popular magazines for parents and children.
hey have interviewed both our teachers and parents. It was a really good experience and we have got great comments from parents as well!

They have captured some of the class activities, see below to read more.


Join our Fun with English Art & Craft course, your child will have lots of fun in learning English!
(click here for more course details!)

Any enquiries, please call 3160 8930 or visit our centre!



Posted on May 25, 2011

Explorer Island will have an Open Day on 5th June, where you and your family can enjoy fun and games, view our centre and learn about our summer programmes.

This year we have specially organised different day camps for both kindergarten and primary students. Come and visit us on our Open Day, we also offer free assessments during the Open Day.

Call us on 3160-8930 for more details!




Posted on May 19, 2011



For any enquiries, please call us on 3160-8930  or come to visit our centre!
Limited seats, ENROLL NOW!

Easter English Half-day Camp For 3-6
Posted on March 19, 2011
Easter holiday is coming!!!!!!!!!!
Your child will be having a long long vacation, planning what to do during such long holiday?
Come and join our Fun Fun Easter English Camp!
Your child will learn more about Easter Holiday and have lots of fun with us. We have limited seats, book in advance to avoid disappointments!

For reservations, please call 3160-8930 or come to visit our centre.




Chines New Year Promotion - Free Photo package
Posted on January 29, 2011
FREE studio photo package (worth $668) for any enrolment upon $2000
To celebrate Chinese New Year, we are now offering a FREE studio photo package worth $668 to our customers who enrol any courses for $2,000 or more.
Give us a call for any enquiries! Happy Holidays!

(This offer is valid until 28th Feburary, 2011)

Chinese New Year Learning Camp! (K1-K3 & P1-P3)
Posted on January 27, 2011
Kung Hei Fat Choy! Join our fun filled yet educational CNY program specifically tailer-made for K1 to P3 students during their long school breaks! All lessons conducted by our qualified Native English Teachers. Great start for the Year of the Rabbit!!

Christmas Holiday Learning Camp (3-6 Years Old)
Posted on December 10, 2010
本中心將舉行聖誕及新年特備課程,節目豐富(包括英語節日故事,短片分享,手工藝製作,有獎問題遊戲,節日工作紙等等), 適合3-6歲朋友﹐現誠邀各家長為子女報名參加。請致電31608930或親臨本中心查詢。


OPEN DAY - Explore 2011 Course Offerings (Sunday 19/12/2010 - Morning)
Posted on December 04, 2010
A great opportunity for parents to meet and talk to our NATIVE SPEAKING teachers and understand the full suite of language courses available for students. Light refreshement will be served and we have prepared some fun-filled activities for everyone! Please call our client servicing team at 3160-8930 for details and reservation now!

Date : Sunday 19th December, 2010
Time : 10 am-1 pm
Venue : Explorer Island


Join our CHRISTMAS PARTY! (Sunday 19/12/2010 - Afternoon)
Posted on December 04, 2010
包括唱歌,聖誕樹裝飾,手工藝製作, 薑餅人cookies making,交換禮物及小食時間等等,適合3-12歲朋友參加。


HALLOWEEN PARTY TIME (Sunday 31/10/2010)
Posted on October 26, 2010
Plenty of stories, candies and cookies for this special evernt!

Posted on October 21, 2010
Mark your calendar and it's going to be fun ! A great opportunity to meet our teachers in person, understand our full range of courses, and experience a demo class completely free of charge. We offer light refreshment and free assessment. Furthermore, enrolling on the day will receive special discounts.
Seats are limited - please call 3160-8930 for reservation now !

Posted on October 20, 2010
Explorer Island is launching a brand new French course for beginners. We are now offering FREE trial class on Monday at 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Please call our Cient Service team for booking in advance.

Posted on September 03, 2010
FREE studio photo package (worth $668) for Summer Program enrolment.
To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we are now offering a FREE studio photo package worth $668 to our customers who enrol our Summer Program courses for $2,500 or more.

(This offer is valid until 31st August, 2010)


Posted on May 14, 2010
Our summer program is now open for enrolment. Plesae call to schedule a fun-filled learning class for your kid ...

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