Our Facilities

A safe, comfortable and functional environment can greatly help to promote interactive learning, and the students can enjoy studying here and bring out their full talents.


Our centre has classrooms of various sizes to cater for different courses. All rooms are equipped with desks, chairs, whiteboard and laptop computers. Audio-visual setup is also in place for group activities. Lockers are available for storage of personal belongings, if needed.  

The centre is equipped with CCTV cameras to monitor class activities and for safety/security purposes for a complete safety guarantee.

Our centre is thoroughly cleaned every day and we have our own private lavatory that is not often found in other centres. Naturally, we have many people coming in and out of our centre each day, but rest assured that we treat hygiene with the utmost importance. Please refer to the Hygiene Policies in our policy section for more detailed information.

The location of our centre is selected for the convenience of transport for parents and students.  For those travelling by MTR, we are only 2 minutes walk from Po Lam MTR station; and for those travelling by car, there is a temporary parking / drop-off area right in front of the centre, as well as a car park within the shopping centre.