小學常規課程 (6-12歲)
English Integrated 小學英語聽說讀寫 5+
EIE Program (Integrated English) (Course Type: Regular)

This Reading & Writing Program is designed by a group of leading professionals in accordance with the Hong Kong primary school curriculum. It is structured to thoroughly develop and test the ability of primary school children in a fun and engaging manner in the areas of:

  1. Reading    
  2. Comprehension    
  3. Grammar Revision
  4. Planning
  5. Writing
  6. Speaking & Presentation

 We believe that holistic learning is integral to a child’s development. Therefore, we have uniquely designed each lesson so that the reading, comprehension and grammar exercises flow into the writing task. Each level is a year-round course and is divided into five levels. Each builds upon the last to consolidate prior gained knowledge whilst introducing new and more challenging concepts. The table below demonstrates some of the areas covered in each level.