Primary Regular Programmes 小學常規課程 (6-12 years old 歲)
3) Cambridge English (Tests) 劍橋英語測試課程 9+

Cambridge English Tests : KET/PET

Cambridge Key English Test (KET) and Preliminary English Test (PET) are designed by Cambridge ESOL exams to assess students’ English ability in listening, speaking, reading & writing.
KET recognizes the ability to deal with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level while PET is an exam for non-native speakers who can use everyday English at an intermediate level.

Preparation Course for Cambridge KET/PET (Course Type: Regular)
We will teach students according to the set curriculum, utilizing the comprehensive source text books. This includes covering the fundamental skills of reading, speaking & listening alongside comprehension and grammar. Furthermore, dictations and small quizzes will be taken weekly to cement knowledge gained in previous lessons. Finally, we recognize the importance of exam preparation. Therefore, exam-taking skills are taught and mock papers undertaken to provide familiarity to students of the exam process.  _________________________________________________________________________________


Max Class Size:      

1 : 4 (Taught by NET teacher)