Trinity College London Exams 倫敦聖三一國際證書及考試課程 (3-12 years old 歲)
Trinity Exams: YPC Drama 倫敦聖三一英語年幼表演者證書 3+
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Trinity Guildhall Speech & Drama Exams
Trinity Guildhall’s grade and certificate exams in drama, speech and musical theatre provide a structured framework to encourage assess students in the progressive mastery of a wide range of performancing skills. Trinity Guildhall assessments are internationally recognised and valued by schools, universities and drama institution all around the world.

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Young Performers' Certificates (YPC) Drama Course
(Course Type: Exam)
Trinity Guildhall Young Performers Certificates are designed for a group of 6-8 children between the aged of 3 -7. This encourages young children to develop performance & communication skills. Our experienced NATIVE teacher will encourage children to participate in class and the play by demonstrating different activities and drama games in lessons; children are also encouraged to cooperate with others in a relax learning environment. Based on the play, teachers will teach students to use different skills such as, speaking poetry and/or prose, acting out a story, singing, playing musical instruments, expressive movement/dance, mime, use of costume/ props/ puppets and or masks. 

3 - 5 years old

Max Class Size:      

1: 6 (Taught by NET teacher)

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